Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Fair Season Has Begun

On the weekend, we took a quick trip to Beachburg to see what we could see. They host an agricultural fair annually that has been running for 168 years now (which seems incredible to me) and it's been a while since we went, so I was keen to see what we could see.

Much of the livestock showing had happened a day earlier, but there was a barn with some animals on display so we were able to enjoy that.

and a judging circle that was busy with young 4H members learning their way around a ring. This little fellow was Patches II and his turn was coming up. He had a lot of personality.

The biggie for me was getting into the handicrafts exhibit hall to check things out.

For a small fair I thought that they had a great showing of items, particularly quilts. 

And the workmanship was second to none.

Originally, I thought that this was a temperature quilt but I've since realized that it goes by another name - Postcard from Sweden? It was beautiful hung up high in the rafters.

As was this appliqued Christmas quilt.

The one that we were keen to see was this paper pieced fish quilt. Just a week earlier we learned that the young gal who runs the diner that we go to most Sundays for breakfast is a quilter and made this for a girlfriend's 40th. 

For a first effort I'm thinking that she did amazingly well. She will be thrilled.

And this was the last little fellow to catch my eye. He was a winner too, and you can see why.

What a terrific beginning to fair season 2024...M

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Rebecca Grace said...

What a fun local event, Marie! When I saw the pictures of the little animals and read about the 4-H kids, all I could think of was the boy in Charlotte's Web working together with the spider to save the pig Wilbur from being slaughtered, and how the spider was making webs in his stall during the fair with words like "TERRIFIC" and "SOME PIG" to get everyone's attention!