Sunday, March 19, 2023

Impulse Binding

There were several blue bindings already prepped so I thought that my choice for Ocean Waves was going to be fairly easy, but somehow they seemed just a little off.

Most of the backing is a pretty blue and white print so why not just wrap it around and use it? Meh. Just didn't seem to have enough weight to it compared to the prints throughout the quilt. It needed something a little more.

Then there was this one. I've got tons of it and have been looking for a good home for it. Not bad, but it just felt a little on the dark side. 

Out of nowhere, the one in the top image appeared and I really liked it. Decision made. 

And then, as I was sitting down to start attaching it, I came across another one that was hiding in the wings. Suddenly the plan changed and I was off to the races.

I didn't know if I'd have enough but I was already resolved to mix two, maybe three, bindings because of all of the blues used in the quilt so I was good with however much it gave me. No need to worry. There was enough for the entire quilt and still a little left over!

So it's clipped and the hand stitching has begun...M


Kim said...

Wow, so many bindings on hand. The one you chose is perfect for your lovely quilt.

Anonymous said...

I love hand stitching the binding. The one you picked is perfect! Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Scrapatches said...

Binding is one of my favorite slow stitching times. How wonderful to have so many prepped binding ready to choose. You are se organized. Thank you for sharing your lovely work ... ;) Pat

Jenny said...

You are well prepared with bindings, pleased you found just the right one to work with.

Rebecca Grace said...

So you have all of these bindings already made and ready to go? That must make it so much easier! I love the one you chose!

Kyle said...

Good choice and better yet, you had enough!

audrey said...

Isn't it interesting how that little bit of fabric an make all the difference in the overall look to the quilt! Sometimes it matters so little, but other times, you want just the right fabric/color.:)