Sunday, September 11, 2022

Pumpkin Spice

In my search for new Holly Bazaar ideas Roberta kindly offered up a pumpkin pattern that she thought might suit. She was bang on.

It's called Autumn Spice by The Pattern Basket. Not certain that I would ever make the full quilt, but it's going to make a pretty autumn table runner.

The pattern is really well written and the pumpkins come together quite quickly. I also like the scrappiness of it. Didn't notice until after my cutting was complete that I had accidentally selected all dots for my pumpkins, but I like that, too.

The stems could have been scrappy as well but I opted to simplify things a bit and made them all from the same grey.

I started out thinking that I was going to make a square table topper and experiment with a border. For whatever reason, I cut enough for two blocks, but when the block came together I just felt that it would be lost inside the border (it's about 12" square). 

So, I cut a third and made a runner instead and I am happy that I did. I had plans to use an orange and black gingham for the border but it's just a tad too harsh for the rest of it, so I will keep things simple and stay with a white border bound with green.....M


Anonymous said...

What a fun Fall table runner! Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Kyle said...

Cute pumpkins. The simpler border was the right call for the colors you used.

Chantal said...

Great idea to change the topper into a runner. I'm in love with your runner. So cute. ;^)

Sandy said...

Those pumpkins are just too cute! Perfect in polka dots!