Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Laying the Foundation

Jane is never far from starting a new quilt and her latest doesn't disappoint. She has worked through her collection of neutrals that she bought at Quilt Canada when it was in Ottawa last year and her Kaffe fabrics and has a solid foundation for a new Log Cabin quilt in the works. It. Is. Spectacular.

I mean really, with this gorgeous collection of prints how could it not be?

She didn't start that long ago but you wouldn't know it from the pile of blocks that I saw. 

In the back of her mind she thought that there might be close to 60 blocks made but I did a quick count and came up with 74. Now I believe that there are over 80.

Like the majority of her quilts she pieces them by hand, and for this one she works on three at a time.

Initially she had all of her 1.5" strips tossed into a bag and would dig through to find the ones that she needed, but that quickly became a frustrating mess. So she sorted them by colour and pinned each group with a large safety pin, both coloured...

and neutral. So much easier to work with the bundles.

She's played with lots of different layouts and is leaning to diagonal stripes. The final decision has yet to be made.

Either way, she's having a grand time playing with all of this gorgeous colour. Wouldn't you?....M


audrey said...

Gorgeous work! Wow! Loving these colors.:)

Sandy said...

Wow, Jane! I love the bold bright colours with the neutrals! Another beauty!!!

Kyle said...

The colors are so exciting!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Wonderful fabrics for sure! Log Cabins are so fun to make.