Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The Same, But Different

The Holly Bazaar is at the end of the week so if I'm going to share my two versions of the Moda Love table toppers like I promised I'd better do it before they leave the house. This is the first one that I made and followed the layout of the inspiration piece that I was referring to.

And this is the second one. They are the same pattern but this one doesn't have a white border around the star. I had already cut the back and batting for it before I realized that there had been a border on the first one so I decided to go ahead and make it without the border and see what it looks like. I think either one work well, and this one might be more suitable for someone with a smaller table.

Both share that happy, stripey binding,

and cheery backings. This red print is on the smaller one and a green version of it was used for the larger one. I bought several yards of each of them a few years ago on sale and they have really come in handy.

scrappy quilted potholders: QuiltBee
In keeping with the 'same, but different' theme, and despite my slow mo mojo I also finished my four scrappy potholders.

scrappy quilted potholders: QuiltBee
They all have scraps of orange but no two are identical. They will be added to the pile for the craft table as well.

This is going to be it for this year. There is one more topper on the design wall but I just kept tripping over myself to get it made so I decided that I didn't need to stress over it and it would be fine to just call it a day. It has made all the difference to my stress level. So now it's just baking and then let the reindeer games begin!.....M


Kate said...

Marie, I like the table topper without the white border. You contribute such lovely things to your Holly Bazaar.

Susan said...

I like the one without the border - somehow it appears larger, and fills the space. Thanks for linking up today at Midweek Makers!

audrey said...

Your table toppers are very sweet. I loved seeing the first one in a close-up. the fabrics are gorgeous!