Sunday, July 15, 2018

Starry Starry Night

Martha's Star quilt: QuiltBee
At long last Martha's Star is complete (that only took about 15 years!!!) and we are looking forward to having it on our bed and sleeping under the stars. If you've been following along you will know that I started this one years ago, working with my mother on selecting the fabrics and assembling the stars.

Martha's Star quilt: QuiltBee
After her death I changed the pattern up a bit to add in the red Irish Chain blocks and it really picked up the feel of the quilt.

There are some quilts that are more memory quilts than others, either because of when/why you made them or because of the fabrics. This one rings true on both. It's also a big reason why I had it hand quilted.

Martha's Star quilt: QuiltBee
Believe it or not, a couple of the stars are made from fabrics that we used to make kimonos out of for a high school musical, Tea House of the August Moon, and I'm here to tell you that high school was more than just a few years ago!

Martha's Star quilt: QuiltBee
This is another kimono fabric. I just love them - they remind me of Dutch chintz and work beautifully with the other more traditional calico prints.

Martha's Star quilt: QuiltBee
So, it's a wrap. I could have knocked about a year off the timeline for this one if I had just bound it when I got it back from the quilters last spring, but hind sight is always 20/20. It's ready to be used and loved now and that's the important thing....M


The Cozy Quilter said...

Great memories in those fabrics! I wish you pleasant dreams as you sleep under the stars!

Kate said...

It's a beauty, Marie - enjoy!

Kyle said...

Truly a memory quilt for you. It's lovely. The red Irish chain setting really ties the stars all together.

audrey said...

What a sweet quilt! Sentiment makes all the difference for most of us.:) And I adore the red irish chain addition!

bettyb said...

Love it, Marie. Lots of fabric memories wrapped into this one. Mom would be thrilled it's finally done, but keep in mind she loved having a stack of projects on the go.