Friday, February 09, 2018

Omigosh Redux

Omigosh nine patch blocks: QuiltBee
Still not much stitching happening on this end but I do believe that my cold is finally breaking so hopefully by the end of the weekend things will be back to normal. I was off today so I went down and halfheartedly moved a few pieces of fabric around in the sewing room, but that was it. Not very productive. I did, however, notice my Omigosh blocks so here's an update on where that project is going.

I've got all of three nine-patch blocks sewn - that's 142 squares together now ­čśĆ. Lined up they would measure 5 x 15" finished - ha!

Omigosh nine patch and churn dash blocks: QuiltBee
Earlier I had mentioned that I was planning a few changes to the original design which is very scrappy. The longer that I looked at it the more I wanted a little more structure to mine. I also wanted to simplify it a bit, so my Churn Dash blocks are all going to be in shades of beige and brown.

The idea came from the Edyta Sitar-inspired Basket of Scraps runner that I made a while back (ahem, not quite finished). Those browns really set off all of the tiny squares in the basket beautifully and once I hit upon the idea of using the same scheme for this project there was no turning back.

Omigosh nine patch and churn dash blocks: QuiltBeeI'm also simplifying the Churn Dash blocks - there will be no tiny four-patches on point in the cream blocks, just a scrappy collection of creams and neutrals. I toyed with totally mixing the creams throughout the blocks so that all four corners were different too but it was easier just to make them all the same and I think adds a little subtle structure as well.

This photo is a little on the dark side (not the Star Wars kind of 'dark side', but dark) but the overall feel of the blocks together is very warm and almost caramelized. So anyway, that's the plan, at least for now....M


Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

Squee! I ADORE this! Your browns and scraps are perfect together. Nice job!

Chantal said...

Beautiful start on this project. Love the idea of all brown Churn Dash blocks. Hope you are 100% better soon. ;^)

Pat said...

The piecing in your basket is beautifully done. I remember making my birthday quilt which is done with 1 1/2” 9 patch seemed to take forever but slow and steady makes the race. You will find that all of a sudden, you have what you need to put it together. Love the scrappiness of how you are doing this. Happy stitching and shake that cold.

Quilter Kathy said...

That will be gorgeous! So nice to see someone else working on their Omigosh!

bettyb said...

I love this. The contrast brings out the best in/of both blocks!

Nice colour contrast as well.

Have fun!


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

This is what I admire so much... using scraps and your finished piece will be simply stunning. This is inspiring!