Friday, December 29, 2017

Surprise Sewing

Well, as the holidays have progressed I too have joined the great quilters' migration back to the sewing room, but rather than pulling out God's Green Earth to work on I ended up starting something new. Sound familiar?

It's a pattern that I had pinned quite a while back and I believe that it's called Snippets. Not sure yet if it will be a lap quilt or a baby quilt, but it's wonderfully scrappy.

There's been lots of cutting and sewing and yes, some of it while in my jammies (I love the holidays!).

And now I have piles of these...

and these.

The block will be 9" finished and I'm getting anxious to see a few of them together. Hmm, just noticed that the yellow hourglass block on the left is turned the wrong way - better get things sorted out before I put it together!....M


Quilting Babcia said...

Lots of possibilities for this scrappy block pattern! I've been working with triangles this week too, hopefully a small finish in a week or so. Happy New Year!

Kyle said...

Your time in your sewing room was very productive, I like what you've chosen for a 'surprise' sewing opportunity. I'm ready to start one of those surprises too when I get a chance to migrate.

Doniene said...

I LOVE scrappy Quilts and yours will be so delightful! How fun putting it together!!

Happy New Year !!