Friday, September 22, 2017

Growing Up

I've got a real beauty to share with you today. Linda has been working on this amazing quilt for a few years now and it has just crossed the finish line, ready to be enjoyed. Isn't it spectacular???

It's a wedding gift for one of her daughters and very appropriately called Growing Up; it was designed by Wendy Williams. Ironically, the pattern is in the same issue of Quiltmania as the Anna Levens quilt that I'm working on.

This organic riot of colour and energy is rich in both colour and detail, and it's all hand sewn. I never would have thought of using grey as a background, but it works beautifully - those colours pop.

And that narrow, striped sashing and binding is just so perfect for it. She added a four patch border to the sides and a double four patch border to the top and bottom to get it to the size that she wanted. That meant elongating the appliqué panels as well.

The photos are a bit dark but she has used the most amazing collection of fabrics. I thought I had a close-up of them that I had taken a while back so that I could show them to you but I cannot put my finger on them. Trust me, they are beautiful.

She had Roberta at Cocoa and Quilts quilt it for her and, as usual, it was beautifully done.

Here's the lovely and talented Linda with her masterpiece. Looks happy, doesn't she? ...M


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that Linda did this all without a pattern. She saw a photo on Pinterest and just went from there and made up the pattern as she went. It was stepping outside of her comfort zone, too, because she was trying to do random 9-patches using unconventional colour combinations. Her applique work is so beautiful, and I am in awe of this quilt. She worked on it during the flood, and I helped with some of the 4-patches in the border. It is truly a work of art.

audrey said...

Beautiful, beautiful version of this quilt! The applique work is wonderful.:)

Kyle said...

It's a fantastic colorful interpretation of fun pattern. Well done, Linda.

Heide said...

This sure is a beauty! Such fabulous colors.

Pat Hanna said...

Marie, which issue of Quiltmania contains this pattern? I have been looking for the pattern for 2 years since I saw this quilt displayed in a show, but without knowing the issue number/date it has been impossible to find.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie for posting my recent quilt. So nice to see my work on your blog. Thanks to all who commented. I believe it is my best work so far but then again, I'm not dead yet, lol. Lindianna xo