Thursday, May 25, 2017

Look What I Got!

A little squeal of delight could be heard the other night when the Official Cookie Tester returned from his meeting of Parish Council with a bag tucked under his arm. The gals have finished quilting Martha's Star and it's just beautiful.

As much as I loved it before I sent it off, the quilting really adds that finishing touch, softening it and making you want to snuggle in its folds.

In designing the quilting pattern I wanted to avoid the ladies having to work around the red chain that crisscrosses the quilt and apparently they quite appreciated that 😉.

They track the number of hours that they put into each quilt that they do so that they know what to charge. I haven't got those numbers yet, but whatever it is, it is well worth it.

Now I need to find a binding that will work. I have a very little bit of the backing fabric left over (the cream floral at the top of the pic) but I would need to make the binding on the straight of grain and I tend to prefer a bias binding. It may be the best colour option, given all the different creams that are in the blocks, but I'll check the stash before making my final decision. In the meantime, I'm just happy to be able to gaze at it. Happy, happy, happy! Mom would be too....M


Anne said...

Lovely, lovely! And it was such a treat to be able to add a few stitches.
Enjoy gazing and snuggling.

Louise said...

I found pictures of your Martha's Star quilt as you were piecing it. I fell in love with the quilt and made one just like it. I had always made my background out of just one fabric, but I made a scrappy background like you did and I LOVE it! I LOVE the whole quilt. I did big stitch quilting on mine, and it now lives on the bed in my guest room. Thank you for posting pictures of yours.

Kate said...

Such a beauty, Marie!!

Chantal L. said...


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Marie,
What a beautiful quilt. I assume you are keeping this and enjoying it on your bed or in your house. I will have to read up a bit on the back story. It is just gorgeous - all the fabrics are just perfect. ~smile~

Kyle said...

Beautiful quilting. Hand quilting does make a quilt feel softer. I'm a bias binding maker too, but occasionally a straight of the grain binding has to be made. Have fun auditioning fabric for the best choice.

customessaysreviews said...

These are really beautiful designs, loved them all. You are good in it, would love to see more of your work, thank you for sharing this with us