Thursday, April 13, 2017

Backing Up

There's a pile of quilt tops sitting on a chair outside my sewing room and this year I'm attempting to move them along and get several of them finished, so I pulled my Kaffe Fassett Blue Diamonds from the pile and had a chat with Roberta to see if she had a suitable backing (despite having a pretty significant stack of backings - I dare not say how many - there was nothing in my stash that would do the trick).

We found one that would do in a pinch, but it wasn't really doing the quilt justice so I decided to keep looking. Well, I think I struck pay dirt. I happened upon a great little geometric pink print and got about 4.5 metres of it for - get this - $3/metre! Bingo!

I wasn't convinced that it was going to be a big enough piece, and it isn't, but at that price there was enough to make a very good start on a pieced backing. So, back into the sewing room I went and voila - another pink print, a small piece of blue (that's a VIP print that has been around forever), a deep turquoise and a teal/green that I brought back from Beijing a few years ago. Perfect.

So, everything is washed and ironed and now I need to start laying out some options. Hopefully soon it will be ready to take back to Roberta for quilting....M


Raewyn said...

How good it is when everything falls into place like that- loks like it will be a fun and lovely backing!

Kyle said...

Glad you found something that will work for the backing. All those pieces will look great together. ome more quilt closer to being finished. Yay!

Trudy Stripling said...

I completely understand the pile of quilt tops! I quilt them myself, so the pile gets quite large at times, lol. However, I still bind by hand and that's the part that really gets me!