Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sentimental Journey

So much of why I like to do Christmas baking is tied to sentimental thoughts of Christmases past. When the recipes come out there's a cast of supporting baking supplies that are touchstones to a flood of wonderful memories. These tiny tartlet tins have been around forever and only get used for Pecan Tassies and Lynn's Tiny Fudge Tartlets.

It's a tradition, and they just make a plate of cookies that much more interesting (like cookies need any help being interesting!). They are always laid out and baked on old, round pizza pans that have to be at least 30 years old because they came from mom's.

At the risk of repeating myself, this is my all-time favourite cookie tin because the polka dots are on the inside as well as the outside. Haven't seen another one like it.

The Official Cookie Tester likes his Tassies plain but I like to drizzle at least half of them with chocolate.

So that's the end of the cookie baking for this year. Gift tins have been packed

and one or two already delivered.

The rest have found their way to the freezer. Interesting how many of the tins have snowmen on them...

this one would make a cute quilt block/mug rug.

And who wouldn't like a snowman bucket full of cookies to dig in to?

I don't usually snack when I'm baking but I do have to admit that when they were being packaged up two of the Paradise Macaroons that I showed you the last time took one for the team. De-lish!....M


regan said...

I grew up with those same tartlet cups.....don't know where they ended up....darn it! Beautiful tins....and yeah, the dots are awesome!

Scrap and quilts said...

I love baking in the winter time for the same reasons. It is so much easier to recall great-grandma in the rocking chair, knitting away while grandma and I baked cookies and bars to last 'til middle of next year, lol. The smell of it, the dusting of flour and sugars, the stories and laughter, the joy of being allowed to "test" a cookie... ah! wonderful times. ;^)

Lisa in Port Hope said...

You're making me salivate. I made a minced fruit crumble for potluck at work but no baking yet--I may need to dig out the gingerbread recipe. And I completely understand that quality control requires destructive examination at times.

Kate said...

I'd love to have the cookie tester's job! I have some of those wee tart tins, too, that I inherited them from my MIL.

Kyle said...

Your full cookie tins are a gift anyone would be excited to relieve. It's a gift from the heart and kitchen.

Karen said...

Very pretty cookies.

Quilter Kathy said...

These are works of art!