Sunday, October 02, 2016

Me And Anna Levens

It didn't take much imagining to land on my next start now that Danuta's Garden is all together. What a surprise - more hexies!

I have been collecting fabrics that would suit the centre hexies on the Anna Levens quilt for a while now. The stack has grown to quite a size so, rather than risk having it topple over onto me from the top shelf I muscled everything down onto the table and started planning.

Designed by Margaret Sampson George, it is the happy amalgam of two old patterns - one by Anne Brereton (1801) and the second the Levens Hall quilt.

Anna and I are about to become fast friends as it's about to go through a third transformation - a little bit larger, rectangular rather than square, and a simplified outer border, but the essence of it will remain. It's also going to be my first EPP attempt (I usually just sew my hexies by hand, without the papers).

Here are most of the fabrics for the centre hexie panel (one or two have changed) - not as many toiles as in the original, but still beautiful, large, romantic prints that will be the centre of attention. That gorgeous turquoise will also be the backing but I don't have enough of the cream print at the bottom for the border hexies, so that will be switched up....M


Quilter Kathy said...

Your fabrics are gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it looks with the hexies... enjoy your stitching!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Beautiful fabrics for your next project! Have fun stitching today!

Miaismine said...

Your hexies are beautiful! Your project is going to be beautiful!

Kyle said...

Love what you're starting. The center fabrics are going to be perfect. You're going to have lots of fun.