Saturday, June 06, 2015


Last weekend I cut like a madwoman trying to get all of the pieces for the Danuta's Garden 9-patch and star blocks cut so that I could sew to my heart's content. We were getting ready for a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake and I had great plans for putting those 12 hours in the car to good use. I was so sure of how much I was going to get done that I was still cutting a few strips for yellow triangles early Sunday morning as the Official Cookie Tester was locking the door behind me.

Well, all that planning and cutting and nothing. The closest I got to picking up my stitching at all was moving it from our luggage to a night table. Guess I just needed the break.

Our travels included a stop at Font Hill's wonderful The Quilting Bee (I could live there). I was looking for a Creative Grid non-skid ruler for Anne and also found this little collection of fabrics for me. Niagara was beautiful and, as always, very tough to leave.

The cutting mat and rulers still on the kitchen table so maybe I'll finish up my cutting this weekend....M


Susan said...

Maybe you did need the break, but better to have some stitching on hand just in case!

patti ann said...

you were too busy with the scenery! I'll wave as you pass me by at Burlington!