Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work On

I'm continuing to putter at hand stitching the sashing strips for Danuta's Garden and I've now got the first of seven 29-block four-patch strips finished.

For whatever reason, parts of this quilt were strewn across three different rooms - and that doesn't include the sewing room (!) - so it was time to collect everything and try and get a little more organized.

In the process I started getting subliminal messages. See the 'work on' in this pic?  Looks like a sign to keep going on this one. :)

Still loving how these little gems look when they are all strung together.

Over the weekend the Official Cookie Tester's sweet tooth kicked in so I tried a new recipe - Banana Sour Cream Coffee Cake. I never would have thought of putting banana into a coffee cake, but man, it was good. And the sour cream kept it nice and moist til the last crumb was eaten. I almost didn't make the glaze (you know - maybe cut back a bit on the sugar - ha!) but it was the perfect ending to the strata of pecans and cinnamon that ran through the cake. Yum!...M


Raewyn said...

The loaf sounds delicious and your work is looking great! I have a habit of spreading myself around the house as well :-)

Lisa J. said...

For some reason my sewing manages to spread around the house as well. I'm very impressed with your hand piecing.