Thursday, April 23, 2015


This is the question: which came first, the quilt or the egg?

Last weekend Anne, Betty and I went to visit our good friend Linda L. at Madonna House and after lunch we enjoyed a lovely walk through the grounds and buildings. On our way she shared a wonderful collection of pysanky that had been made for Easter by various staff. I'm certain that you've seen them before - they are an age old Ukrainian and Polish tradition of decorated eggs for Easter, and sometimes Christmas. In so many ways these beauties scattered about evoked quilting patterns and inspiration, both pieced and appliquéd, but on a much smaller scale.

Do you see the star in front? And the blue & white one just behind it? Love blue & white.

Wouldn't these make wonderful appliqué patterns, especially the red and white one in the upper left or the red, white and green one to the right?

Another great star in red and white. And how about some fantastic border inspiration in the one just behind it?

The pink egg on the left really caught my eye; it is so much like a Double Wedding Ring quilt. Each is a work of art.

I have a vague memory of trying my hand at this years ago but seeing these masterpieces made me want to take another shot at it. It's the appeal of the teeny tiny, just like in quilting....M


Anonymous said...

These eggs are beautiful, and they do remind me of quilts. I tried my hand at this years ago as well, but it was too painstakingly precise for me, and after I'd spent hours on an egg, it broke. Jane

Susan said...

They are really beautiful, I have never seen them like this before. That red and white one had me straight away.

kathy-o said...

I am awestruck by the beauty of these eggs! Such an incredible art form. Thank you for sharing! You had me at the red/white one!