Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cottage Quilts $5

Another August long weekend has come and gone and, given the very hot and steamy weather we've been having, the best place to spend your time was as close to water as possible. So we were off to Jane's cottage for a night or two, bathing suits and quilting in tow.

One of the favourite cottage pastimes is heading out Saturday morning to see what goodies are on offer at the garage sales and this time we got really lucky - an entire neighbourhood of cottagers on a nearby lake were having a sale. And Betty scored. Big time. She bought 30 blocks (actually, there were 29) for $5 from a gal who had bought the same blocks several years ago thinking that she would put them together but never did. Later in the afternoon she laid them out to see how they looked as a group.

They are impeccably sewn and the fabric feels like it has been starched within an inch of its life. Each block is also numbered, so she went with the order that the maker had assigned, placing them on the point. The blocks are predominantly blues and greys but there are a few 'wild' blocks with intersting red prints thrown in for good measure.

It is going to look spectacular! She has a collection of vintage blocks that she has been saving so she will incorporate those into the design as well.

We tried an alternative arrangement but it wasn't nearly as interesting.

Not bad for five bucks is it? She is so thrilled and feels that this helps offset the couple of hundred dollars she spent on her Quilt Canada quilt all those years ago :).

There were LOTS of quilts on the go over the weekend so I'll bring you up to speed on everyone's projects over the next couple of posts....M


Brandie said...

Wow! What a find! And only five dollars?! She really scored.

bettyb said...

I did indeed! Last evening I dug out my collection of vintage squares, most of which had been collected over the years by my mother, Martha. I had tried putting them together previously, but didn't have enough to complete a quilt top effectively.

The colour palette is very consistent, and the range of block patterns is going to provide visual contrast for the set of 29 (I wonder what happened to that missing square?!).

Many of the other blocks are smaller, so I will build them up from vintage (or vintage-looking) yardage that came from Mom as well.

A real find!

Abby and Stephanie said...

What a spectacular group of blocks.