Thursday, June 07, 2012

Quilt Canada Memories

Quilt Canada came to a close in Halifax last week and it reminded me of a road trip that six of us took to Toronto in 2000 when it was held at York University. It was a great adventure with lots of wonderful work to admire. I particularly remember the precision of the miniature quilts - they were true works of art.

It was at this show that Betty fell in love with a fabric collection - I'm not even sure who it was by, maybe Moda. She debated long and hard because she had a young family and wasn't sure that she could splurge on fabric, but eventually she was convinced so she went and bought it. She wasn't sure what pattern she was going to make but the longer she thought the more she realized that she needed a second bundle of fabric, so back she went. All told, she went back three times to the booth for fabric to be certain that she had enough.

The Mary Englebright quilt
And this was the result of her efforts. Isn't it beautiful?

Mom made the same pattern but had gone totally scrappy with lots of bright, primary prints and a different border. They found the pattern in a print quilt mag of one sort or another and for some reason I think this was one by Mary Englebright.

It is all stitched by hand and also hand quilted.

And it is fast becoming everyone's favourite!

Mom's has just come back from the quilter so I'll share that with you next time. It is amazing how different the same pattern looks so different depending on the colour palette....M

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marie;

I don't think it was by designed by Mary Engelbreit. i think we just called it that because it used primary colours and stripes, polka dots, etc. that reminded us of ME. I made this quilt as well in primary colours with a valentine border. It is one of my favourites. I can send you a photo for your blog if you like? jane