Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Love!

Grandma Mary's Five Patch
This summer I started Grandma Mary's Five Patch for a friend who is soon to have her first baby. The little one is due late November and it's time to get something into the mail, so, last weekend I machine quilted it.

My colour scheme is similar but a little more muted, but not by much. And I love the way the large Kaffe Fasset prints work with the more traditional fabrics.

Isn't the turquoise blue floral backing just the cutest? This is the largest piece that I have machine quilted and, as much as love the outcome, I'm not sure that I'd do a full-sized quilt. You never know... Ignore the blue stitching lines - I haven't erased my markings yet. It is stitched on the diagonal, spacing lines about 1.25" apart and I really like the look and feel.

The binding is now cut (a random pink & white polka dot) & attached by machine, so it's just to finish off the hand sewing for that. Stay tuned for the reveal.

I found the pattern while browsing a Quilter's World e-newsletter and drew up my pattern using 2.5" strips but you can also can order it. ...M