Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Girls Are on a Roll

Anne joined the gals at the church earlier in the week to quilt on Martha's Star and took some great photos of their progress to share with you.

It made my fingers itchy just looking at these busy bees - I would much rather be quilting with them than going to work.

There is so much speed infused into today's quilting scene that it does your heart good to see and remember the slower time of fellowship that seems to be disappearing.

Do today's new quilters even know what C clamps are for?

It just reminded me so much of working on quilts with mom and her friends.

In my heart of hearts I just know that she was with them - looking over their shoulders with nods of appreciation.

They had a great turnout this week, which meant lots of progress; so much so that the edges were turned not once, but twice!

I've been teasing them that it will be done by Easter, which they hesitate to agree on, but I think that they might just be on pace. No rush though - I want them to enjoy quilting it as much as I enjoyed making it....M


Kate said...

Quilting bees are such fun - your photos brought back fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at the photos of the quilting in progress and yes, for certain, your Mom was there, supervising from above. xo

Jane said...

Hi Marie; I loved to see these women quilting your quilt the old-fashioned way, too. It is certainly a dying art these days. I hope Anne got to add some stitches to the quilt as well.

Kyle said...

Wonderful photos. We should include more people pictures in our stories.

Anne said...

Yes Jane I have been able to join the ladies several times already. They just put it up on frames last Monday and it's amazing to see the progress and the skill. Unfortunately, I was unable to be there for the setup. It's great to be able to add a few stitches to a quilt mom worked on. It feels like coming full circle because mom used to always offer to quilt my quilts. Being able to return the favour is a real pleasure.

bettyb said...

SO special.

audrey said...

What a lovely post. It really does my heart good to see this going on!

marina said...

How wonderful to have the ladies quilting your quilt. Such a wonderful feeling of community