Monday, November 02, 2015

Sick Of Stars Yet?

I am definitely on a roll (or is that 'in a rut'?) when it comes to star designs for this year's Holly Bazaar goodies.

The potholders that I made last year were a hit so I thought I'd make some again this year, only I wanted something that worked up fairly quickly since they tend not to charge that much for each item. I had a nice big pile of HSTs that were the trimmings from the Nantucket stars so I decided to dig into them and see how many I could use. Like my very detailed pattern ideas scribbled on the back of my grocery bill while trolling Pinterest?

I trimmed them back to 2.25" and then started playing with layouts.

This was okay...

but then it quickly became this.

Add four scrappy squares for the centre and you've got yourself a star. The block finishes up at just around seven inches, perfect for a potholder.

I'm going to bind and back them with this red and white print that I'm also using to make a few stockings and I think it will make them just a little more contemporary. I dare not get too adventurous 'cause the average age of our guests is closer to 75 than it is to 35, so it needs to appeal to them....M


Kyle said...

Wonderful use of those leftover hst's. Your right to gear your objects to the likes of your typical customer.

marina said...

How beautiful, what a pretty pot holder!

paulette said...

NEVER!!!!! Your stars are wonderful!

Karen H said...

The stars are going to be so pretty and festive! It really is true that all reds go together!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I love start quilts--seeing this beauty motivates me to continue working on mine