Saturday, November 07, 2015

Bustin' Out With Granny

Stars are nice (what am I saying? I love stars!), but I thought it would be good to have at least a little variety in the items for the Holly Bazaar so I switched things up a bit, came up out of my rut, and made four more potholders using the Granny Square pattern. I used this one last year but at a much smaller scale with four rounds of colour instead of three.

This time around I went bigger and I like them just as much. I cut my blocks 2 1/4" so they are seven inches square.

One set was decidedly Christmas...

and the second, while still red and green, could be used year round. I cut up a remnant from my Country Charmer border, added some polka dots and a little dab of my favourite red from Fig Tree, and a potholder was born.

They are very simply quilted, almost in the ditch, along one set of diagonal lines. I tried quilting them in both directions but there was just enough of a shift in the fabric to make the block look a little odd so I ripped that out. I think if I was using a softer insulated liner it might help, but all that I can find in this neck of the woods is the fabric for covering ironing boards, which does the job of protecting your hand but is a little on the stiff side.

So, four more to add to the pile (yay!).

Add that to the four with the star pattern and there's a total of eight, a there's a nice selection to choose from; I think I'll stop there.

These little projects are lots of fun - you get to try new patterns, play with your fabric, and the binding comes together quickly over a nice warm cup of tea....M


Ariane said...

These are so cute!! Love them!!

Kate said...

These will sell quickly, Marie! I'm enjoying seeing what you're making ... and love the stars.

audrey said...

One of my favorite blocks! I need to make some potholders. It's such a great idea.:)

Cootie Bug said...

Your projects turned out nicely. I like the fabrics and the size and the quilting looks great. Wish I could attend the Holly Bazaar as I truly enjoy bazaars, especially those during the holidays.

Kyle said...

I would think they'll be a hit. Super cute!