Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Charm of Country Charmer

Besides being a really great block to work on, I think that the biggest charm of this quilt is how it comes to life with a myriad of scrappy fabric combinations.

As I sew along I think, "Oh, this is my favourite block". That's until I get to the next one and then it becomes my favourite. Am I fickle?

This is going to be a Christmas quilt so there are several decidedly Christmas prints, like this...

and this.

But much of it is just a combination of red and green prints that I like.

And all neatly tucked into an 8" block, just slightly larger than the size of my hand.

I know that I promised to show you these in more natural light but it's been incredibly dull and dark today and it didn't seem to matter if I was taking pics in the Bat Cave or upstairs in natural light. It's raining so hard right now that I'm seriously contemplating building an arc! One day soon, I promise, because these photos aren't doing it justice....M

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