Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Peach of a Day

With a basket of peaches all ripening at the same time it was time for a Barefoot Contessa intervention. I decided to try Ina's Peach Cake recipe from her How Easy Was That? cookbook. Not sure if it was the peaches, the sour cream, the cinnamon or the pecans that were the tipping point; maybe all of the above.

It was quick and easy and did not disappoint. It was also a great excuse to break in my new Queen Bee spatula :).

It was still a little warm when we dug into it and couldn't resist topping it off with a bit of ice cream. The Official Cookie Tester gave it two thumbs up. Actually, I believe that the quote was, "If this was a ballgame, you just hit a home run". I'm thinking that's good.

The bonus that made this a just peach of a day was mail from Audrey at Quilty Folk. A short while back she celebrated five years of blogging by putting two books up for grabs - The 1718 Coverlet and The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. Truth be known, I have a copy of the Farmer's Wife so I wasn't going to play along with this one, but as I read her post about living in a rural area and learning to quilt, devouring any book or magazine for inspiration that she and her friends could, it reminded me of my start, and how my friends and I still share today. I decided to put my name in the hat. If I won I was going to play it forward and pass it along to my sister Betty who has long coveted the book. Well, surprise, surprise! I shared the good news with Betty and she is over the moon. So thank you Audrey for your years of quilty inspiration, your generosity, and for continuing the sharing tradition - you have made us both very happy campers....M


audrey said...

Your cake looks and sounds amazing! I'm saving the recipe link for when I next get some peaches. So happy to hear your sister is getting the copy of this book for her own use! Big smiles here.:)

Kyle said...

You had a wonderful day. Fantastic looking cake. Yum!