Thursday, October 03, 2013

Two Types of Sweet

I really should plan to go away more often in the fall because knowing that I won't be here for a few weeks has got me on a commando mission to get as much done for the Holly Bazaar as possible before I go. I'm into full swing on heart production.

There are now 17 finished, so hopefully all 24 will be done by early next week. They really are sweet and the more I do the faster they go, which is a good thing.

I will bake for the sweet table just before the bazaar but, since plums are in season I thought it might be nice to make up a few jars of chutney as well. This is a fantastic recipe and I haven't made it for a couple of years so once I thought of it I just had to make some because the thought of it just makes my mouth water.

The recipe is one that Jane found in Gourmet. It has notes of fresh ginger, lime and allspice and really goes together quite quickly. It's also a relatively small batch (four 8-oz jars - I got a few more because I used smaller jars) so if you make it you don't have it hanging around in the pantry forever.

I made one batch for the church and one for me. It is fantastic with pork and we happened to be having a roast this week so I managed so set enough aside for dinner. Might as well get them all parcelled up right away so it's one less thing to do the day before (which is the deadline that I am famous for)....M

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Susan said...

Your little hearts are so sweet. How big are they?