Sunday, October 06, 2013

Pumpkins, With a Little Pie On The Side

Things have been moving along in the pumpkin patch.

There are now 3 pumpkin pot holders quilted and ready for binding; I think I'll make a few more and then bind them all at once.

The quilting is simple diagonal lines but I had fun learning how to use the quilting guide on my new machine - it's the little metal arm to the right of the presser foot that fits into the back of my walking foot.

And marking is now a whole lot easier too. I scored the first line of stitching with my hera marker - a small hand tool about the length of a pen with a sharp edge that allows you to make temporary crease marks on fabric (if you look closely you can see a faint diagonal line running through the gingham piece). I set the guide to stitch in 1-inch widths and I was off to the races because I only had to mark the first line and relied on the stitching guide to help out with the placement of all of the other stitching lines . Between the marker and the guide, can you say 'bye 'bye to marking with chalk or markers? LUV it!

Remember this little guy? I did add a row of ric rac but he looked a little lonely on the block compare to the larger one so I made another large pumpkin for the other side, so this one is double-sided.

To have a little insulated protection in each pot holder I added two layers of filling - the bottom piece is the thin fabric that an ironing board is covered in, and then I added a piece of batting remnant to get a bit of puff when it was quilted.

For a bit of punch to this one I made the backing orange and quite like it. Cheery little things, aren't they?

We had a birthday celebration on the weekend so I made a few pumpkin pies too. De-lish. I always make the recipe from the canned pumpkin that has been on the E.D. Smith cans for years - much better than the pre-mixed filling. I've been using this recipe for years - so long that they've changed the label on the can from what you see here.

They are the Official Cookie Taster's favourite so he was a pretty happy guy....M


Debbie Kelly said...

checking out your blog Marie how cute your pumpkins and the pie looks wonderful just made a turkey earlier this week the pie would be great about now.I will follow your blog Thanks for sharing

Every Stitch said...

Love the little pot holders! Interesting to see the hera marker works so well for this. I have one too. Wish I could use it for large quilts too but the lines disappear too quickly.Those pies look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie,
This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed your work tremendously. The pumpkins are adorable and will make such great potholders. I trekked all the way back to your stained glass project---Wow! it is a beauty. Your blog has been added to my favorites so that I can revisit. Thanks for sharing.