Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patches

I finally sat down to the machine to try my hand at making a few pot holders. Using this as my inspiration I cut 1.25" strips and started making pumpkins - fun!

The linen in the sample that I was working from really appeals to me but I think it's a bit too contemporary for the Holly Bazaar crowd so I've been experimenting with green backgrounds. Love the way that each pumpkin is different.

Not sure what the backings will look like yet - maybe the same as the front border pieces. And I think I'll quilt them in vertical lines. A circular quilting pattern would be fun but I haven't tried that yet and don't want to experiment on these little guys.

And speaking of little guys, I just love the smaller version of the block... still debating whether this will be the backing for the large pumpkin with the same check background or if I  will make them a pair - one big and one little.

Once they are quilted this little guy might get a row or two of ric rac. Sorry for the poor lighting - that ric rac is much brighter and cheerier than it looks here - I'll take better photos in the daylight....M


Kate said...

These are delightful and I prefer the green background. Have fun.

Wonky Girl said...

Aw, them's cute! Thank you for sharing where the inspiration came from ;-)
Made into pot-holders, they will fly off the rack. I'd love a table runner with pumpkins. But sadly, my cats hair up stuff like that.