Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Small Is Too Small?

I'm still cutting away at tiny hexagons for Minnie but am having a hard time tossing out the little triangular remains - I've got a room full of fabric but it's the tiny little scraps that I gravitate to. So, they have been sitting in a few piles near my sewing chair until I can bring myself to toss them.

But wait - surely there's something that they can be used for? Yes, indeedee - gift cards! I used oversized card tags from the office supply and created what looks like two strings of bunting, top stitching them in place. Take my word for it, they are really cute. If I had half a brain I'd have photos to share with you but, thinking that I had taken a pic, I gave them to Jane to finish off with some of her creative stamping. I'll see if I can get a few photos of the finished product, but it won't be today, so, in the meantime, I'll share other small stuff that I've been working on.

There's a batch of yoyos in red and white for the little heart project; I think I have just about enough for one heart made now and I picked up a beautiful piece of grey linen, so no excuses. Note to self: when using the Official Cookie Tester's shaving cream can as a cutting template remember to return it...

And, there are more hexies for Minnie.

This one's not quite finished, but it will be soon.

Just love the plum fabric in this one....M

p.s. Chocolate Zucchini Breads continue to roll out of the kitchen and this time I exercised my option to add the orange zest - I highly recommend it.


Susan said...

I am falling in love with small pieces too. It's very satisfying to use every last scrap.

audrey said...

Such a great idea for your tiny scraps! They are really hard to just throw away aren't they? LOVE your hexies. They are looking incredible.