Thursday, August 08, 2013

For The Birds

All of the hand stitching that I wanted to do on the weekend required a little more cutting so I opted to pick up my little red felt birds and put a few of them together - the Holly Bazaar will be here before I know it.

I had a few cut out and ready to go so three more came together in fairly short order. I still have to put on the bead eyes and the ribbon hanger, but I can do those in a batch.

Having the little guys ready to assemble was a really handy so I've cut several more and have them waiting in the 'wings', so to speak, for whenever the mood strikes me. They're cute little things.

After my last post I had a lovely note from Mimi. She's been busy making flags for Lac-Mégantic too; last month she sent 4 flags and Wednesday she was mailing 5 more. You can see a few of them on her Flickr page, and a few more here. Aren't they lovely? It's cool to see everyone's interpretation of the message that they want to send. Thanks for sharing, Mimi.

Just a reminded that if you are planning to send a flag or two the deadline for them to receive them is August 24; shipping details are in my last post....M

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