Monday, August 26, 2013

Flying The Flag(s)

Last week I got my heart flags into the mail for Lac-Megantic so that they would arrive in Laval on time and have since had a lovely note from Claire letting me know that they had arrived and that she'll send through photos, and hopefully a video link, once they are all installed in town, so I will share that when they come through.

I also received a lovely email from Kathy at Kindred Quilts letting me know that she had made two and was sending them off. They are beautiful paper pieced patterns - so bright and cheery - and such lovely fabrics. Thank Kathy, and for sending through your photos too.

She had posted about the project as well and I noticed that at least one of her followers was planning to make more and send them along. A few visitors posted regrets because distance would not allow for their projects to arrive by the deadline, but thanks so much to everyone who pitched in and sent their warm wishes. Gotta love the power of social media.

We were flying a few little flags of our own last weekend. My only (and favourite!) niece, Julia, graduated in graphic design from the Ontario College of Art and Design this spring so her mom Betty hosted a lovely brunch for family and friends. We are all so proud of her; she is extremely talented and happily following in her mother's footsteps. Julia loves Dairy Queen ice cream cakes, so for dessert we decked one out in little flags and let her do the honours of serving.

There was a second Oreo flavoured one that was a big hit as well; it tasted much better than it looks.

Because the 'under 10' crowd was well represented I decided to try making a batch of Marshmallow Pinwheels - they are the chocolate goodies on the left. I see them all the time at church lunches but have never made any, so this was a first. And, since there was still a half bag of marshmallows left, I thought that a batch of Social Tea Squares wouldn't hurt (can you have too many marshmallow desserts?). I usually make them with white marshmallows but hey, when in Rome. Here's the goods if you'd like to try them:

Marshmallow Pinwheels
3 oz. unsweetened chocolate
2 tbsp. butter
1 c. icing sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
4 oz. coconut
2 1/2 c mini marshmallows

Melt chocolate and butter; cool slightly, then add in other ingredients. Pour over marshmallows. Spread coconut on waxed paper or parchment and form into a roll, covering the sides with coconut. Freeze. Cut into slices.

This recipe came from my friend Nancy, via Jane, but I realized that when I had copied it out I forgot to include how many marshmallows I needed (duh), so I found a recipe with more detailed instructions online that you might want to look at if you decide to make them (scroll down to Day 7). They are a guaranteed sugar hit so I'd suggest enjoying them with a nice cup of tea - you know, to offset the sugar high....M

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Kindred Quilts said...

Hi Marie... how sweet of you to show my flags on your blog. Thank you! I received an e-mail from Claire today, telling me she received my flags... so glad to hear that... I was worried about the mail service! The ice cream cakes look divine! Thanks for the dessert recipes too!