Monday, June 03, 2013

Coming Up Off The Floor

I received a cute nudge a week or two ago from Deb at Wonky Girl in Australia who follows my blog saying that she was missing seeing progress on the Pumpkin Patch at Midnight. I believe her exact words were "Hey - can we get back to this one? LOL - I was really enjoying watching the blocks come together; wanna see a finish, please ;-) ". Well, what could I do but oblige?

I'd been stalled a little bit waiting for more of the mottled black border fabric so the blocks have been sitting on the floor outside my sewing room patiently waiting to be assembled. I guess I could have put the blocks together but I was too busy distracting myself with other projects.

Anyway, the day I received her note I had actually started working on it, so we were on the same wavelength, but every little nudge helps.

You'll remember that I injected a few different colours into the occasional ring within the 'pumpkins' to create more interest and I also wanted the rings to be a little wonky when they came together - not perfectly aligned all the way through.

The wonkiness worked to a certain extent but, in hindsight, I think it would have helped if would have varied the widths of my strips a bit more - they are all pretty consistent. I have some wonkiness but not in a really big way. Hopefully it will be seen as wonky and not as a really bad job of assembling the blocks!

All said though, I do love it, every last bit of it.

The cat is out of the bag on this one. Since Jane is the Queen of Halloween it's a birthday present for her (does it matter that her birthday was in February?). She's quite excited about that so it's extra incentive to get it finished. I figure that if she needs it for Halloween then I have until the end of September, no? And Jane, if you get it by then you'll have Deb to thank.

Now the real challenge begins. I want to machine quilt it with cobwebs but I have never done free motion quilting, so this could get really interesting....M


Raewyn said...

Your quilt is gorgeous - the mix of colours beautiful - and I really like the pumpkin that is off into the border :-) {Have fun with the quilting, of course spider webs sound perfect.}

Wonky Girl said...

Oh yes, it is beautiful- I love the wonkiness of it! Webs will be perfect for the quilting and it will be interesting to see how you work those out.
Now I must start gleaning my stash for scraps to someday make a quilt like yours (if that is ok with you). LOL
Funny, you relocated me from Arizona, USA all the way to Aussieland ( a place I would dearly love to visit).

Anonymous said...

I sure am excited and am happy to see that it is together now and off the floor! I love the wonkiness of it, too, and love the colours. Reminds me of pumpkin pie and licorice. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.