Monday, May 20, 2013

What Begins At The Cottage... finished at the cottage.

Betty finished binding her spectacular Five Dollar Quilt this weekend and the whole thing is just a masterpiece. This is the one that she started last summer with blocks that she picked up for five bucks at a garage sale.

The binding is just perfect - a deep navy and white stripe that show off the rest of the colours throughout the quilt.

And the meandering lines of quilting just soften everything making it look like this quilt has been around forever.

There are so many different blocks to this one, each inviting your eye to stop for a little visit before moving on...

Of course no quilt is complete unless it passes Baylea's snooze test...seems to be working...

So, to celebrate, we enjoyed the first rhubarb of the season with what's become a bit of a 24th of May tradition, our favourite Rhubarb Torte (yes, I'm a leftie). How sweet it is!...M

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Raewyn said...

Well done to Betty on putting the blocks to such great use. Thank you also for the link to the recipe - this sounds like a recipe well worth trying :-)