Monday, May 27, 2013

The Quilts at Pooh Corner

Time for an update from the land of the baby quilts. Anne and her friend's mom continue to move along on the quilts that they started a little while ago, with great success.

She has started cutting the striped sashing for Winnie and continues handing the sewing off to her friend to put it all together for her. Her work is not only impeccable, it is proving to be a big help to Anne in getting the project closer to the finish line much faster than if she was doing it all solo.

They laid out the blocks and realized that they were one short of 30 so Anne made a block using the striped sashing fabric and it will become the centre block for quilt.

Anne is really tickled with how it is coming together; I believe, "It’s going to be a cutie when it’s finished", were her exact words. I think she's bang on.

And, she has finished machine quilting Twinkle, the little blue & pink one that she had been working on with Betty. It's been delivered to the gift shop at Madonna House and they were so thrilled to get it.

Look closely inside each of the pink gingham blocks and you will see where she has stitched either a tiny heart or a small star. Cute. Her stash continues to shrink, so she's doubly happy...M

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