Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun With Journal Covers

I've gotten back into the swing of things with the journal covers - I find your head needs to be in the right frame of mind to do them. Like anything else, I guess. After my 'blue phase' I thought I'd venture into the reds and browns and at the end of it all I honestly can't pick a favourite.

Here's the second blue/green combo that I made - I don't think that I've shown you that one yet.

The red one is just spectacularly rich with the deeper burgundy accent and then the blues & greens thrown in.
And the brown/taupe combo turned out to be so warm. I really wasn't convinced that I was going to like this combo at all when I started to cut, but once again I was proven wrong.
It's been so much fun creating new points of interest for each one. There are five ready to quilt now and that always takes them to a completely different level so I'll be back with pics of the finished product.

Have I mentioned how much fun these are to make?...M

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