Thursday, October 25, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

The Holly Bazaar deadline isn't moving so I need to get the lead out. I've got 6 journal covers done now so I'm doing the hand sewing to finish them off. They are beautiful individually but really lovely together as well; when I get the handwork done I'll show them in more detail.

I'm also back in the bird business. Little birds keep piling up as I was TV and I have a nest full, with more to come. I'm still debating how to hang the red ones so as not to take away from the bow, but I'll figure something out.

Each colour is proving to be a little different in terms of the style of the bird. For the cream felt I think I'll make them a little Victorian and just put a little rosette at the neck with maybe a gold cord to hang them. I don't even know that I will put an eye on (the red ones have a small black bead for the eye and the white will have a smokey purple bead) - we'll see.

Time is flying and so are the leaves. These are some of the last leaves that were in the back yard, but that was a few days ago and many of them are now on the ground. Soon it will all be white....M

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