Sunday, October 14, 2012

140 Pies, And Counting

A recent addition to the Holly Bazaar fundraising efforts is the sale of freshly made apple pies, and yesterday was pie day. We started at 9 a.m. with a TO DO list of 132 but I think by the time the day was up there were a few more orders added to the list and, after running out of apples a few times, we finished off somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150, which is considerably more than they sold last year.

Things went off like clockwork. We had people at peeling, cutting, making pastry, rolling, filling, crimping, packaging and shipping stations! At one point I think that there were about 25 women involved but after lunch the crowd thinned as we thought that all of the apples were peeled, but mid afternoon we went for another bushel basket.

We don't have freezer space for near that many pies so as soon as a supply is ready buyers are called to come and pick them up, which they were happy to do. And occassionally one of the guys popped in to check on their wives/our progress, so they were treated to a slice of freshly baked pie and a slice of old cheddar. No one refused...

These gals are all so efficient! I was one of four that were rolling out dough for most of the day and this was Orma who was set up was beside me. She just kept happily churning them out.

I had ordered several for us and for a few friends too so last night we enjoyed delicious apple pie for dessert. And maybe for breakfast today too...

The bazaar is November 9 so I've gone back to working on the journal covers - I am determined not to be hemming/sewing late into the night of the 8th. I had orignally made three blue/green covers but I wanted to try one in reds to see how that would work. LOVE IT!! And then there's another two in muted green/taupe with a shot of red & yellow (second one from the top of this pile) that turned out really well too. I liked the first one so much that I made a second one right away but it's not in the photo. More details on those later...M

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Quilt n Queen said...

Hi Marie...the pies look delicious. I went to the Sunday market this morning and just returned with some apples...guess what I am going to make?? Have a super Sunday! Happy stitching, Pauline