Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Flight of the Bumblebee

I think that's probably the best description for my stitching efforts at the cottage (this is the last entry about the August long weekend - I promise!). There were so many beautiful creations happening around me that my head was on a swivel and I had a hard time getting down to business on my own hand work. At one point we counted the makings of 8 different quilts on the kitchen table.

But I did get some work done. I finished off two more candied hexagons, bringing my total to 74.

And, I inadvertently forgot the makings of one more block when I was packing up so Jane kindly finished it up for me, taking the grand total to 75. Thanks so much, Jane. And Anne brought me a pile of blocks that she has been working on for my Postage Stamp. At this rate I think I'll just farm out my projects and see how much I get done :).

I also found the perfect spot to work on Spot. Who doesn't love hand stitching in a hammock?! I could have stayed there all week.

Spot is coming along nicely. The blocks are 4.5" finished so this panel is now about 21" x 27" and I have 8 more blocks ready to add on. The more it grows, the more I like it....M


Anonymous said...

It was a relaxing, fun and productive weekend, wasn't it? Thanks Jane, for providing us with such a wonderful location to put our pieces together. Despite the laid back atmosphere we do manage to get quite a lot done.


Anonymous said...

Marie I hope my stitching on the candied hexagon square was up to your high standards? You know what they say...never return a dish empty, and never return a quilt block in pieces! Hope you have a good weekend.xo jane