Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jelly Beans At The Cottage

Jelly Bean Central
More tales from the cottage...

Anne is a teacher so she has her summers free and has gotten back in to sewing her Jelly Beans quilts with a vengeance. All of the blocks are together and she has all of the rows together as well, so when she wasn't lounging on the sofa or in the lake for a cool dip she worked on getting the sashing attached to the rows and joining all of that together.

It's always so great to see a quilt go from blocks to strips to a top.

...or maybe this is.
Everything is neatly organized and ready to go.

Jelly Bean Border
She has created a cute zig zag border, and if memory serves me correctly it is all together as well.

It seems to be popular with a little one already!

With leftover fabrics she started a new child's quilt. The centre block is surrounded by a band of colour an she has alternated having the centre and the border in ginghams and solids. We started laying it out to see what they looked like together and then Betty's art director skills kicked into action.

She suggested putting white blocks with tiny centres between everything to open it up and see the colours more - it is amazing how much brighter everything looks. And, just to make it interesting, since it will be a quilt for Anne's god daughter she suggested making the tiny centres a fussy cut from children's prints. It will be adorable.

Anne, you need to come up with a name for this one....M

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