Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Very Special Gift

A week ago I spent the afternoon stitching with my friend Linda M. I had taken my Spot blocks with me and she was busy working to deadline - her granddaughter Aowyn is celebrating her birthday this week and she had some quilting to do to finish up a gift that she was making.

It's a darling creation of flowers and bugs inspired by Aowyn's love of both with patterns pulled from two differnent books. One had lots of flower designs; it's from Kim Shaefer's Flower Festival book...

... and the second had lots of great bugs. Love the bumblebees...

So she selected the blocks that suited best and came up with this lovely design. She had to adapt the patterns a bit because they were designed for machine appliqué and she did her appliqué by hand.

I don't know if you noticed or not but Aowyn is feaured front and centre in the quilt.

And here is the birthday girl herself showing off the fruits of her labour. Linda had given her sunflower seeds in the spring to plant and they are coming along gangbusters. Linda's pretty sure that her choice of flowers and bugs are a good match for Aowyn's taste, and I couldn't agree more....M


Anne said...

How sweet! I love all the attention to detail. I just know that Aowyn is going to spend hours perusing this gem.
It reminds me of the butterfly quilt mom had made and which we spent many hours under or on especially on hot summer days as it was laid out on the back lawn. It was fun inspecting the different butterflies and I am sure Aowyn will do the same with her lovely gift.
Marie, it would be neat to post a photo of that much loved quilt.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that quilt is perfect for a little girl. It is fun looking at each block.

Joana said...

I wanted to visit your blog and say thank you for stopping by--what a treat to see what you and your friend are working on. Happy quilting!