Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A New Little Nest

Believe it or not, Between The Lines is finished so baby will have a new blankie delivered this weekend to nestle in to.

After hesitating a fair bit before sitting down to quilt it things actually went very smoothly. I had a little bit of juggling to do because one of the outside corners shifted a bit when it was sewn, and since I was aligning my quilting with the strips with the seams going across the quilt it needed some attention. But I managed to keep things straight and then followed the seams for the vertical strips as well and am well pleased with how it turned out.

I adore bias gingham bindings so I used an orange that I had that tied in nicely with both the front and the back.

And I used the hair clips again when attaching the binding. I am lovin' those things! I cannot believe how much faster and easier they are than pins - much less blood-letting too!

I also tried these new little oval finger thimble adhesives called Thimble-It on my middle finger. I've never caught on to using a thimble, which is a shame because my mother-in-law left me a beautiful silver one, but my finger was getting pretty raw from a lot of recent hand sewing so I gave them a shot.

You can get 64 for $6 and it looks like they might be re-usable. I have to say I was amazed at how much faster things go (and how much less painful it is) when you aren't trying to pull the end of the needle out of your calloused finger. I'll definitely be using these from here on in. Maybe I'll work my way up to a real thimble one of these days.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day so I took my hand sewing outside to finish it off. I couldn't help but notice that the tin for my clips is from lozenges named Tangerine Sours and thought how appropriate it was given the colours in the quilt.

And so it's done, without ever being added to the TO DO list. Here's the front...

...and the back - I used a cozy turquoise flannelette with lots of bright, happy flowers to keep a little mind occupied.

A lovely little nest for a sweet little girl to curl up into.....M

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Michelle said...

Beautiful quilt.....
Just right for a little one.
Is that flannel on the back ?