Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

One  hundred and forty five - that's how old we are today. It is a beautiful sunny day and just the right temperature - perfect for a birthday party. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

It also seemed like the perfect time to add a few more geese to the pile so in keeping with the colours of the day I now have 66 more red ones to add to the mix.

More Flying Geese
And, as usual, I had to lay a few out to see what a new string of them might look like.

But I still have lots of corners to snip so I think it might be time to put the kettle on and enjoy a little patriotic-looking strawberry cheesecake. Life is good....M


Doniene said...

yeah for Canada!!! Such lovely fabrics for your FG!!!! I think I say that every time I see them - but it true!! Yum, Yum!! I'll be right over for a cup of coffee and a little taste!! LOL!!

imquilternity said...

Happy Canada Day! I'm a day late, but the sentiment is still the same. I love Canada....such a beautiful country and full of such nice people.

Taryn said...

A belated happy birthday to Canada. I love the reds and whites on your post today and am wishing for a piece of that cheesecake. Yum!