Monday, July 30, 2012

Evie's Quilt

Time to show off the handwork that Linda and Jane (our lady by the lake) are up to these days. Jane's sister Linda will be a grandmother for the second time this fall so they are busy making a quilt for Evie, who is the first grandchild, when she moves into her own bed after the baby is born.

Panels for Evie's quilt
Evie has been canvassed for her choice of colours and, I must say, has great taste for a three year old. None of that pink girlie stuff for her - lots of blues and greens with a few shots of yellow and orange thrown in for good measure. It is a really beautiful, bright palette and fabulous prints.

We were together for a few days in June and they had all the blocks cut and were busy whipping up the strips that run the length of the quilt. At the rate they were going I suspect that all of the strips are now together.

Here's Linda hard at work in the shade of the trees.

I'm not sure what the pattern is called but it has these great strings with penants/small flags that run between a few rows of blocks. It will be constructed so that the tips of the flags fly freely. Isn't it adorable? Makes you want to be three again, doesn't it?...M


Doniene said...

Oh, oh, oh!! This is going to be just darling!!! What fun prints!! Evie will love it!!


Stephanie said...

Love those dots, gingham and stripes. Such great colors too. How fun to sew outdoors.

imquilternity said...

YES, it does make me want to be three! lol That's such a cute quilt pattern and it will be lovely in those gorgeous colors. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie for writing about Evie's quilt. Linda and I are actually making two quilts, as Evie will have bunk beds in her new "big-girl" room. We are each working on a single bed quilt. Hopefully they will be ready for Christmas or maybe even before, as the new baby is due Dec. 9. Must pull it out and work on it this weekend.
Jane (the lady by the lake)