Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back To The Candy Jar

We were in the car for a bit on the weekend so I picked up my Candied Hexagon piecing and have a few blocks/partial blocks to share with you.

I think that I have mentioned before how tedious the fussy cutting can be but there is a real payoff when the pieces come together - especially with these florals. You get such lovely, airy wreaths. It will be fun to see them all come together.

This is the only block that is fully together but I thought I'd show you the colour combos anyway.

Some wreaths are really defined...

and others are much softer, but the wreath is still there. As much as you imagine it in your head the final result is always so much nicer.

None of theese have been pressed yet, but they are coming together.

I just adore this blue fabric but have only a little bit of it, but that's what makes each quilt special, isn't it? Time to start inserting the border diamonds on these blocks...M

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