Thursday, July 12, 2012

72 And Counting...

I managed to finish up the four hexagons that I had started over the weekend and add two more to the bunch, which meant six more to add to my block total taking it to 72.

And then the temptation to lay a few out on the table in the evening sun to see what they'd look like together became just too much. These are the most recent six blocks.

Not having looked at my blocks for a while it was fun to weed through the pile for a selection that I liked. I can see where there will be lots of moving around before the final placement is decided.

But I'm liking what I see so far. Interestingly, seeing them down beside each other has made me realize that I need to incorporate more large & obvious patterns/prints to really bring the pattern to life.

That won't be a problem - I have lots of fabric to work with, it just means that there's more fussy cutting in my future! I think I also need to incorporate more fussy cuts into the outside ring of fabric in the block to keep it interesting and add more depth....M

1 comment:

Brandie said...

They look wonderful! Absolutely beautiful!