Saturday, June 02, 2012

It's Baaack!

It's been well over a month now that my machine was in the shop but its back home now, and, while I have been enjoying my hand stitching, it will be nice to tackle a few projects that I've been wanting to do. One small glitch - the knob that drops the feed dogs was stuck and was not fixed so I was a bit bummed out because I've been wanting to try my hand at free motion quilting on a small project or two. I was prepared to live with it as is though because I didn't want to put things on hold any longer when I had a brain wave. I got out the WD-40, spritzed it a few times, waited a bit, and ta da...we're in business. Gotta say I'm pretty pleased with myself on that one!

Anyway, I've been cutting more blocks for my Flying Geese quilt so that's what I sat down to. My machine is purring like a kitten now so I cruised through several dozen geese in fairly short order (that almost doesn't sound right), and now that I have the swing of things with the Lazy Girl ruler I'm quite enjoying the process.

I still have more trimming to do, but the piles are adding up, which made me pretty happy. Then I made the mistake of looking at the instructions and realized that I need at least 920 geese, 460 in each colour, so I'll be at this for a little while yet!

Recently I found a few more fat quarters to add to the mix - sooo lovely. I might need one or two more greens but I'll cut what I have for now and see where I end up.

I managed to find 4.5 yards of the backing that I want to use in an online shop but it's not going to be quite enough for a queen sized quilt so I need to do some thinking about how to piece the back - me thinks that I'll be making more than 920 geese. This is showing up a bit duller than it really is, probably because the photo was taken in the bat cave, aka my sewing room....M


Doniene said...

It is always nice to the machine running smoothly!! The FG are coming out wonderfully! Love the rich colors!


imquilternity said...

This is going to be a very lovely quilt. A newly "tuned-up" sewing machine is the absolutely best, isn't it?

Ellie's Quiltplace said...

I can't wait to see how your finished quilt will look, because I LOVE Fig Tree Fabrics (and I made a Fig Tree Flying Geese quilt myself).
Good luck with sewing the blocks, there are many, but it's a fun job!