Friday, April 13, 2012

Fussy Cut Boo Boo

Work on Candied Hexagons has been at a bit of a stand still lately because I needed to sit down and do some serious fussy cutting (you can only get away with using so many small prints before there is an impact on the look of the hexagons & the quilt itself). Well, yesterday I headed off to Jane's cottage for a day or two with her and was able to spend several hours cutting. In the process I ended up with a bit of a cutting mishap. I got lazy and rather than tracing the diamond onto the fabric and then cutting I tried to cut a piece directly just using the blade and the template. Needless to say, I missed slightly and cut through the template, almost slicing off a piece on one side. I'm so close to finishing cutting my fabric pieces that I didn't want to have to cut another template, so after a bit of tape 'first aid' to keep the piece in place I was back in business.

By the end of the evening I had a lovely new stack of pairs that I can now pick up while watching TV that will soon become hexagons and move this project along. I can't believe how time-consuming fussy cutting can be, and in some cases, how much fabric is wasted to get the repeats. Despite really liking the way the quilt is turning out I think it will be a while before I do another one.

We also took a short drive to Barry's Bay and discovered great fabrics at amazing prices in the Stedmans store - I hadn't been in there in years. I feel like I hit paydirt! Who knew??? Such a great selection of light summery prints...I couldn't resist.  I got enough of the bottom one for a backing. We were just giddie with our finds and marvelled at how happy small pieces of fabric can make us.

And there were lots of fabulous fat quarters at an even more fabulous price...I saw a great tutorial for a lovely little baby bib recently and I'm thinking of making a few for the Holly Bazaar using some of these. One or two will also be incorporated into Candied Hexagons. Can you tell that I really liked the periwinkle and white print on the left?

And then there were these three fat quarters that I also had to bring home. Not sure what they will be for but they really appealed to me for some reason.

Anyway, we had lots of fun and also managed to repaint a few antique wrought iron beds and rake up the yard and flower beds in the sunshine today, so a productive few days. I think I might need a good soak in the tub to deal with a few aches, but they are good aches. Thanks for a great couple of days Jane!...M

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