Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stars Are Starting To Fill In

I've made some great progress on Martha's Star. Slowly but surely those strips and tiny squares have been sewn into a few Irish Chain blocks and I've now got enough to lay out several with the star blocks to see what things are looking like, and I LIKE it!

When I first laid it out it was looking good but seemed to be missing something. A quick peek back at my sketch showed that I had forgotten to lay out half blocks around the edge so that the diagonal grid extended beyond the stars. So, back to the sewing table.

What a difference! It just ties everything together nicely.

More 9-patches are starting to pile up and the more I make the faster they seem to come together, so that's been a bonus. It's like everything else - set up a system and before you know it you have several blocks made. I think I will try to keep the quilt laid out on the floor for a while so that I can keep seeing progress as more blocks are finished....M

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