Sunday, May 15, 2016

MMMMM Minnie

Minnie seems to be my go-to project when I need a little inspiration and today was no exception. I sat down to watch some golf from The Players on TV and cleaned up several hexie diamonds that had been in progress, but my very first task was a bit of a scavenger hunt.

This diamond has been sitting near my chair for I don't know how long missing one last hexie. I was convinced that I didn't have any more pink hexies to finish it off and I knew that I didn't have any more of that fabric, so I was toying with taking the last round off and redoing it, but not before one last search. Eureka! I actually found three, which makes me think that they had been set aside for another diamond. I wasted no time sewing it in place only to realize that I needed another one for the tip of the diamond, so another one found a home too.

I pressed five diamonds that I had finished off and then found two more diamonds that needed a little work, so they got finished too.

It was nice to see something coming together, finally.

Here's one where I didn't have three of the same fabric so I used a slightly different one for the centre - it still works. (Recognize your scraps, Jane?)

And the Official Cookie Tester has been asking for a butterscotch pie so I made one of those the other day too. Finally, some productivity!....M


Kyle said...

What a great day. So glad you found those extra Hexies, but if not, your make do would have been just fine. I was stitching too while watching the Players.

Susan said...

They do get lost sometimes, but a similar fabric always looks good too. I love your latest diamonds, I could look at hexies all day long!

Roxanne said...

I have lost pieces too, the funniest find was a piece that had been missing for at least a week and turned up in my car. It was in perfect shape so must have stuck to pants instead of shoes.
You hexie diamonds are truly lovely!