Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snowballs For My Backing

You know how quilters love to pet fabrics? Well, consider this a virtual fabric petting session.

I found a great fabric for the backing of my improv trees online for a great price in Hancock's sale bin so I took a chance that the colours would work and ordered it. By the time you pay duty, and with the low Canadian dollar, it really doesn't make good sense for me to order from the States, but the stars aligned for this one. Happy I took the chance because it's going to be perfect (it's the piece on the left).

Like the binding fabric, this one too had the word 'snowball' in the name of it, 'snowballs and diamonds' maybe; it's from Marcus Fabrics. I can't remember, but I really do like it. It's warm enough without being overpoweringly beige. Interestingly, I didn't notice the subtle overall almost bias gingham the pattern creates until I took this pic; if you squint a little you really see it. Even more reason to like it.

And, since I had depleted the creams and whites in my stash, I made a quick stop in Stedmans on the way home from a business trip to Toronto last week. They had fat quarters on sale so it was a bit of a no brainer and I found a few extra pieces to add to the pile.

That lovely orange Philip Jacobs floral came with my Hancock's order - I just couldn't resist - as did the pale blue Anna Griffin floral at the bottom of the pile. Another great deal, which is good because I needed enough for the backing of a project that I haven't even started!....M


Quilting Babcia said...

I think you've found the perfect backing fabric. Your Hancocks haul is gorgeous. I'll need to check out their site more often as we have no quilt shops anywhere close to us.

Kyle said...

You couldn't have choosen a better fabric if you had actually seen it on the bolt. It's a perfect find.

Nancy said...

I think you made a wonderful choice. I've never purchased fabric online. I hesitate because I never know how accurate the photographs of the fabric are. How wonderful this this fabric works for your quilt.

Will you hand quilt or machine quilt?

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,