Friday, January 01, 2016

Gimme Shelter Part Two

The first day of the New Year seems like a great time to show you the second pair of baby quilts that Dori generously made for the women's shelter this holiday. Whereas the first two were all about triangles, these two are very strippy.

The first one is made from a collection of greens and corals and finishes off with a very soft look. The same colours are used in the border.

It's backed with a pretty soft grey and coral print and was made for one of the little girls on the list.

And look at that - another pair of colour coordinated scissors! :)

Of the two of them apparently this one is Rob's favourite (Dori's husband).

So much so that she made him a set of matching potholders. He is an excellent cook so I'm certain that these will be more than welcome.

It sounds like these potholders are becoming a bit of an obsession with Dori and a great way to use up her scraps. She recently spent half a day organizing her smaller fabric pieces into colour coded shoe boxes so I suspect that there may be more on the way.

The second one is also a string quilt but made in blocks rather than rows.

Apparently this was the most challenging and time consuming of the lot. She had planned that it would be all blocks without a border, but it was taking too long to come together. Luckily, she found more of the blue polka dot at a new quilting/yard shop so the wide border came to the rescue.

She used orange with a small white dot for the backing but the day after she delivered the quilts she realized that she had put the dots to the inside so it is just a solid orange backing. Ha - too much going on!

I can only imagine the surprise and delight at the shelter when these four parcels were delivered - it is such a thoughtful gift and speaks to the generosity of quilters and their willingness to readily share the comforts of their creations. Good for you, Dori.

And happy New Year everyone! Nothing like a little quilty inspiration to start off a new year. May the coming year bring you peace, joy and time to truly enjoy doing the things that you love....M


marina said...

they are all so gorgeous!
and those pot holders are so beautiful, I wouldn't want to use them in case they got dirty and worn lol
a wonderful new year to you and your family Marie and here's top a great and crafty 2016

Anne said...

Great quilts Dori. I wouldn't worry about the dots on the inside. You know what Aunt Helen used to say - you payed for both sides of the fabric. :)

I am sure the recipients will all be thrilled and not checking for flaws.

This was a great gift from the heart.